Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Urgent Call To Action (Again)

This saturday (Oct. 16) racist organizations will be descending once again in Tomball, in a further effort to restrict freedom of movement, and the right to work.

                                          Contact Texasantifa@gmail.com

The organizations that make up this rag tag association of racists are the borderwatch, de-robbed klansmen, nazi bikers, etc. These are groups that espouse a dangerous rhetoric, rife with refrences to 'cleansing' Texas to have a 'Pure' state. This rhetoric is masked with the traditional law and order arguements, but what this breaks down to is that these organizations wish for a genocide within our borders.

We Say No!

We will be there every time they organize themselves, and we will defend our communities from all attacks from these scum!

Be in Tomball at 9 am, at the HEB (28520 Tomball Parkway (Hwy 249) and Main Street (FM 2920))

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