Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Information Needed on Bulldog Ministries (Homophobic Christians)

Well friends, it seems like the bulldog ministries folks want to start a fight, and they want to bring it to our cities and our neighborhoods. These folks have been a virus on our neighborhoods and our city, and it is our job to fight them back.

What they said:
"The last thing that I want to see here in Houston is a up-rour because of my signs that I use in the Montrose. I go into that area with a missionary mentality to share the Gospel, I'm nice and polite. I moved into the Houston area about three and a half years ago and I'm not leaving. If the folks in the Montrose continue to try to chase me off that corner I will bring in the same guys that stirred Salt Lake City to the core. They wont hit that corner like I do for three to four hours. There lawyers will contact the chief of police before they get here and they will hit that corner for eight hours at a time for days on in. They protest gay parades all over the country. What you think can't be done they do easily! They know whats going on here in Houston with my ministry and it will be real easy for them to add Houston to the list of cities that they target. Its your call."

We need all the info that Houston has to offer us on this subject. We will defend our neighborhoods, and we wont give up.

Send your info to Texasantifa@gmail.com

Who They are:
What we know is the man pictured on the left, David Stokes, Is a evangelical 'street preacher' who moved to Houston from Salt Lake City 3 1/2 years ago to bring his message of hate and theological fascism. He organized and is the head of "Bulldog Ministries", a relatively tiny organization (protests that only have him and his son) a sham church based in Baytown, Tx. He is prone to threatening folks with suing activists for non-violent confrontation. As far as we know at this point, he is not prone to physical violence, but he does attempt to intimidate activists who come out. 

"for the social war"


  1. This dude is woofin about bring SLC folks here. I hope he does bring them so we can kick them and him out once and for all. Does anyone know any other places he 'street preaches' in Montrose?

  2. According to reports we have received, after receiving strong resistance at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose, he has moved to a different location in the neighborhood. We are trying to track this fool down currently, and any information would help.

    Fight hard, fight safe.

  3. I'm a Christian missionary that shares the Gospel in the Houston area. Iv'e had food,coffee,and water bottels thrown at me, and someone punched me and I'm the bad guy. I'm not violent I'm a Christian that holds Bible studies on street corners.
    I'm not hard to find I will be back preaching the Gospel and sharing the faith.God bless!
    David Stokes- Bulldogministries.com
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicaters, nor idolaters,nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodemites, nor thieves,nor covetous,nor drunkards,nor revelers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. NKJV

  4. You are homophobic, sexist, and racist, of course we have a problem with you. Your 'gospel' sends a message to your followers that gay-bashing is OK, and that violence against these folks is permissible because "they wont inherit the kingdom of heaven". We will continue to confront you anywhere you wish to congregate, and we will eject your from your cities, and our neighborhoods.

    Why have you repeatedly rejected Texas Antifas questions about where you are congregating? Do you not feel like your message is strong enough? Do you not feel welcome in our cities?


    We will not let you continue harassing any members of any community.

  5. Oh and, makes sense that you got punched in the face. fascist.

  6. Jesus taught that were supposed to love our enemies and bless those that curse us!The greatest of the commandments in the New Testament is to love God with all of our heart and then to love our fellow human beings as we do our self. I don't believe in bashing anyone! I'm totally against promoting violence against anyone, or any group! We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible with honor and respect my friend. Your in my prayers!
    Over and out...

  7. Texas Antifa, I have already come out with my two cents on this issue its in montroseblvd.wordpress.com, I would just like to inquire where you got that quote from David Stokes about bringing some of his buddies down to Montrose?

    David Stokes, I hope you've noticed, you've already lost these people. Congratulations, you've just convinced them that God is a fascist! You say you're not violent but your actions speak to the contrary. You cause the name of Christ to be maligned.

  8. David Allen Stokes/David Wayne Stokes- If Jesus taught you that you were supposed to love your enemy, then why would you be so complicit in gay-bashing? Why would you come to a historically queer neighborhood and verbally assault folks in this neighborhood. You can convince yourself of all sorts of things, but the facts remain pretty damn clear to us.

    MB- It is right there on his About Us page on his website. I understand that his website is pretty incoherent to look through, but if you just search around that page, you can find it.

  9. David,

    How many protests did Jesus lead against the prostitutes, the homosexuals, or even the Pharisees in His day?

  10. Personally I don't care for the word protester. I'm an evangelist. My ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I enjoy sharing the faith, its my calling. The Montrose is not the only place that I go to..I try to evangelize most of the rock concerts that I hear about at the Toyota Center. ACDC, Metalica, KISS,etc. When I target a concert I hand out Gospel tracts to the folks walking in that has nothing to do with homosexuality. I only hit one Astros game this year to pass out tracts..
    I have hit festivals down town Houston passing out tracts and sharing the Faith. This coming Saturday I will be helping a friend in the 5th ward, sharing the faith and helping the down and out.
    The Lone Star bike rally is coming up. This is one of my favorite events in Texas to pass out Gospel tracts and share the faith...
    I'm not picking on you guys...I hit your area about once a month. I do focus on the subject of homosexuality in the Montrose because that neighborhood needs help in that area.
    I'm grateful that you come out and talk with me about the subject!

  11. David, YOU are the one who needs help to see the light, not the residents of Montrose. I would be glad to demonstrate what real Love looks like to you, I wonder if you could handle it though. Keep your hate and lies to yourself. Why are Christians so concerned with shoving their beliefs down everyone's throats? Their sexuality does not harm ANYONE, including you. Why aren't you out actually helping people who are hungry, neglected or abused? Do something respectable and maybe people will show you some respect, continue spewing hateful lies and you'll continue to get an angry response. We will not be intimidated by you, we will fight back.

  12. Elizabeth I don't hate anyone! I'm not trying to intimidate anyone! I have over one hour of video footage from yesterday that makes it clear that we stay polite in spite of folks getting upset.
    Yesterday was awesome I shared the Gospel non-stop for the 4 hours that we were out there. I don't go into the Montrose to win arguments, but to share the Gospel. I listen as much as I talk...Check out the web-site and you will see were not a mean spirited group.
    Its the signs that stir the pot! Folks need to know.....In His service..Bulldogministries.com

  13. David, threatening to bring people down from SLC to show us 'what can be done' sounds like a threat to me. Also, telling people they will burn in hell if they don't do what you tell them they should is a form of intimidation and bullying. If you really wanted to help people, you would show them love, not try to scare them into denying who they are because it doesn't go along with your concept of morality. Go feed the hungry. Go help all the orphans, abused and impoverished children who were born and abandoned because you convinced their mothers they would burn in hell if they didn't bring them into the world. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter. Go protest the war. Go protest the death penalty. Go do ANYTHING that actually helps someone. Trust me, everyone who is homosexual knows what evangelicals think of them,they've heard it their whole life. They aren't ignorant, they just don't agree and don't believe in your archaic version of faith. You aren't changing anyone's mind; anyone who chooses to live in Montrose is offended by your presence and your misguided self righteousness.

  14. Elizabeth there's a very dangerous prayer that goes something like this "God if your real show me!" On many occasians the Lord has woken me up at night by giving me a dream to answer a prayer or to give me wisdom for a battle in life that I was going threw...
    Like many other Christians I have had some awesome experiences with the Lord in my prayer time.. The God of the Bible is real. In the same way that you can't see the wind but you can definitley feel the wind, I have been in many churches were you can tangibly feel the presence of the Lord and its awesome!! When the Lord moves in a church service like that tears flow, and the pastor dosn't want to enterupt what the Holy Spirit is doing because He is in charge. There has been times Elizabeth to were I have shaken in the power of God it was so heavy...
    There was a time about 5 years ago I was handing out Gospel tracts on the Strip in Las Vegas and the power of God hit me so hard it took everything in me to not start weeping in front of everyone...
    If I were to share of all the dreams that the Lord has given me or the times that He has given me visions, or shown me pictures I would be writing all day and then some..
    I remember one time back home I was on the prayer team and I was praying for a broken down women that had just lost her kids to the State because of her drug addiction. While praying the Lord allowed me to feel the love that He had for her and it was more than I could handle... I started weeping uncontrollably it was more than I could handle I had to leave the service..The other day in Montrose I was sharing the Gospel with a young girl and I could start to feel the Lord's deep love for her and as I was talking to her I asked the Lord please don't let me lose my composer here.
    One time in my front room I felt led to pray for a friend before he left and the second that I put my hand on his shoulder and closed my eyes the anointing of the Holy Spirit started to flow threw me like a river. I didn't even use words because I didn't want to stop what the Lord was doing, as this was happening my other friend in the room was laughing uncontrollably and I didn't have a clue why he was doing this. When the prayer time was over my friend that was laughing told me that he saw in a vision the Lord put His hand on my shoulder when i put my hand on my friends shoulder to pray for him..
    Seek God in prayer! Start reading the New Testament...God is real!!!!

  15. David- this isnt a forum for your bullshit, so keep your fascistic homophobic preaching off of this site.

    Elizabeth- You rule!

  16. David,
    I appreciate your experience with God. But your experience means the world to you, but means nothing to people who have not had the same experience. You aren;t preaching in a way that means anything but evil to them. If you want to reach people, you have to meet them where they are, not up on your hill. And you can't imagine what the people go through and the invasion you pose to them, I am not sure what you are hoping to achieve with hateful rhetoric. If someone of another faith came into your faith and preached again you what would you do? Be upset and call all your friends to defend the faith! So if you wouldn't want to be attacked for your believes then don't attack other people.
    If you feel like you Must continue to find converts, then figure out a way to connect to people because this isn't working. Leave these people alone!

  17. laughlyn6, I appreciate your opinion my friend.. First of all I'm not going to someones building or house in Montrose. (I'm not in front of the mayors house or office) I'm going to a street corner on public property and ministering in a legal and friendly way.
    In January I will have been in Houston 4 years. In that time I have hit San Antonio 3 times, 6th St. in Austin 3 times, and New Orleans 7-8 times for evangelism. Next weekend it will be the 3rd time that I've evangelized the Lone Star Bike week in Galveston..I'm not picking on you guys! The Gospel tracts that I use in all of these places have the same message that I give in Montrose, "repent!"
    God keeps no half way-house. It's either Heaven or Hell for you and for me...
    The cool part about being a born-again Christian my friend is having a real relationship with the Lord. Real Christians walk with God its awesome! There's no high like the Most High! God is awesome and He desires to have a relationship with you that would change your life forever!!
    I don't care what sin is in your life! In the same way a car mechanic can fix a car The Almighty can fix YOU! I would have died from drugs and alcohol if the Lord didn't step into my life...
    Jesus Christ died on the cross because He is more concerned about YOUR future than your past.

  18. David,

    Please edit before you post your nonsense. you sound far more insane when you dont.

  19. I don't know if this will be seen since the last post was in oct, but homedude was at edloe/richmond yesterday.