Monday, November 8, 2010

Debbie Riddle Is A Fascist

Fascist/Racist politicians in Tomball are organizing against freedom of movement, and attempting to institutionalize racist policies:

Debbie Riddle, a republican state representative from Tomball has made good on her promises to introduce anti-immigrant legislation in advance of the 2011 legislative session.
This is something to worry about with the new state legislature consisting of 99 Republicans and 51 Democrats, one vote short of a two-thirds majority.

Read the bills here: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Reports/Report.aspx?id=todayhousefiled

HB 17 Author: Riddle

Last Action: 11/08/2010 H Filed

Caption: Relating to the creation of the offense of criminal trespass by an illegal alien and to certain procedures for arresting illegal aliens for committing that criminal offense.

HB 18 Author: Riddle

Last Action: 11/08/2010 H Filed

Caption: Relating to the enforcement by certain governmental entities of laws governing immigration.

HB 19 Author: Riddle

Last Action: 11/08/2010 H Filed

Caption: Relating to the penalty for operation of a motor vehicle without a license.

HB 21 Author: Riddle

Last Action: 11/08/2010 H Filed

Caption: Relating to reporting by state agencies on the financial effect of providing services to illegal immigrants.

HB 22 Author: Riddle

Last Action: 11/08/2010 H Filed

Caption: Relating to information regarding the citizenship and immigration status of public school students.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Information Needed on Bulldog Ministries (Homophobic Christians)

Well friends, it seems like the bulldog ministries folks want to start a fight, and they want to bring it to our cities and our neighborhoods. These folks have been a virus on our neighborhoods and our city, and it is our job to fight them back.

What they said:
"The last thing that I want to see here in Houston is a up-rour because of my signs that I use in the Montrose. I go into that area with a missionary mentality to share the Gospel, I'm nice and polite. I moved into the Houston area about three and a half years ago and I'm not leaving. If the folks in the Montrose continue to try to chase me off that corner I will bring in the same guys that stirred Salt Lake City to the core. They wont hit that corner like I do for three to four hours. There lawyers will contact the chief of police before they get here and they will hit that corner for eight hours at a time for days on in. They protest gay parades all over the country. What you think can't be done they do easily! They know whats going on here in Houston with my ministry and it will be real easy for them to add Houston to the list of cities that they target. Its your call."

We need all the info that Houston has to offer us on this subject. We will defend our neighborhoods, and we wont give up.

Send your info to Texasantifa@gmail.com

Who They are:
What we know is the man pictured on the left, David Stokes, Is a evangelical 'street preacher' who moved to Houston from Salt Lake City 3 1/2 years ago to bring his message of hate and theological fascism. He organized and is the head of "Bulldog Ministries", a relatively tiny organization (protests that only have him and his son) a sham church based in Baytown, Tx. He is prone to threatening folks with suing activists for non-violent confrontation. As far as we know at this point, he is not prone to physical violence, but he does attempt to intimidate activists who come out. 

"for the social war"

Neo-nazis Infiltrating Party Politics

You all remember Dan Schruender, the admitted neo-Nazi running for school board in Southern California. Now we learn of another SoCal neo-Nazi running for another minor league political position. Meet Riverside Water Board candidate Jeff Hall
According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, a mysterious Jeff Hall has been running a stealth campaign for a seat on the all-powerful water board. (i.e. he's not campaigning at all and hoping voters just randomly elect him.)
In addition to being an aspiring water boardmember, Hall is also a prominent neo-Nazi and the leader of the California chapter of the National Socialist Movement. Some of his hobbies include organizing rallies to protest illegal immigration and waving Nazi flags outside of synagogues. Water Board members say they "have no idea what his platform on water issues is." Just a guess here, but it probably has something to do with the genetic superiority of white people?
It's sort of surprising that neo-Nazis have such modest political goals, given the whole "world domination and genocide" thing they used to have going.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Urgent Call To Action (Again)

This saturday (Oct. 16) racist organizations will be descending once again in Tomball, in a further effort to restrict freedom of movement, and the right to work.

                                          Contact Texasantifa@gmail.com

The organizations that make up this rag tag association of racists are the borderwatch, de-robbed klansmen, nazi bikers, etc. These are groups that espouse a dangerous rhetoric, rife with refrences to 'cleansing' Texas to have a 'Pure' state. This rhetoric is masked with the traditional law and order arguements, but what this breaks down to is that these organizations wish for a genocide within our borders.

We Say No!

We will be there every time they organize themselves, and we will defend our communities from all attacks from these scum!

Be in Tomball at 9 am, at the HEB (28520 Tomball Parkway (Hwy 249) and Main Street (FM 2920))

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Houston Awarded 10 Million To Hire New Slave Catchers

 police misconduct isn’t just a matter of “bad apples,” but a function of the very nature of policing in the US. poor folks are most often subjected to police abuse and the forms that abuse takes. the role of police brutality in repressing political dissent and in preserving existing structures of inequality. The police uphold a racist system in order to defend the property relations of capitalism.                                                     


Representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) were in Houston yesterday to notify Mayor Annise Parker that $10 million in grant funding is headed here to help hire additional police officers. The grant will cover the salary and benefits for 50 new officers over the next three years.
In making the announcement, Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli said to Mayor Parker, “Your hard work in the city of Houston hasn’t gone unnoticed. And that’s why we are here today—to recognize the work of your police department and help them do even more to protect the people who live and work in this thriving city.”
The funding is provided by DOJ’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and is being awarded under the COPS Hiring Program. “Today’s announcement recognizes that the Houston Police Department (HPD) is a leader in community policing,” said Mayor Parker. “We will spend these dollars wisely, continuing the strict fiscal stewardship that has kept Houston from having to follow other major cities in furloughing or laying off police during these tough economic times.”
"I am excited to receive grant funds from the Department of Justice to hire 50 additional police officers," said Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. "This grant shows the cooperative relationship we have with our federal law enforcement partners. This will be a great benefit to the citizens of Houston and the men and women of the Houston Police Department."
HPD is one of 379 police and sheriff’s departments in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico awarded funding. Houston is the only major Texas city to receive funding this time and one of only five cities receiving funding for 50 officers, the maximum allowed.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Harris County To Study Privitization Of Jails

 From The Mass Media

HOUSTON -- In a budget debate that included discussion of possibly raising Harris County taxes by 2012, ending take-home car privileges for county employees and closing county parks one day each week, Harris County Commissioners agreed to study the idea of handing over the Harris County Detention System to a private company.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack proposed the jail privatization idea as one of several ways for the county to trim its budget. The county’s budget officer told commissioners that, at the present mid-year review, the county has $34 million less to work with than expected and could have as much as $51 million less by the end of the fiscal year.

"And why not go ahead and explore the privatization of the jail? There's a lot of things the private sector can do cheaper than government and I think it's worth studying to see if it's possible to save a lot of money,” said Radack of the more than $200 million budget for the county’s jail system and the more than 1,500 detention officers in control of more than 7,000 inmates.

But the proposal does not have the support of Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia.

"There's so many state laws involved that I don't think those are the kind of things you can delegate, or privatize, so yes, I voted against it,” she said.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia cited the same concerns in his cautious opposition to privatizing the county’s detention system. He is constitutionally bound to maintain certain quality standards at the county’s jail facilities and questions how he could continue that control if he is no longer in charge of “private” employees.

“We’re doing some privatizing,” said Garcia of the numerous private vendors hired by the county for support services, “So I'm not against it entirely. But I do have legal obligations that tell me that I just can't deflect my responsibilities."

“That's where it gets, I think, unsure and not sure if it becomes impractical," he said.

More than 50 local, state, and federal detention facilities in Texas are managed by private corporations. The Joe Corley Detention Facility used by Montgomery County, the U.S. Marshals Service, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is under the management of the GEO Group. The Houston Processing Center near Bush Airport is operated by the Corrections Corporation of America under contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But the union representing Harris County Jail employees says it “strongly opposes” privatizing the Harris County Detention System, which is part of the largest sheriff’s office in Texas.

“We understand and appreciate that Harris County is facing a budget shortfall, but to replace certified correction officers and certified deputies with private contractors is not in the best interest of the Citizens of this county,” the Harris County Deputies’ Organization said in a written statement. “We are equally confident that there are less essential services in the county budget that could be cut without affecting the law enforcement.”

The Sheriff’s Office instead requested that commissioners consider lifting the hiring freeze that the sheriff says has left more than 300 positions unfilled in the department.