Monday, September 6, 2010

Where ever they go, we go

What is Anti-Racist Action?
  • ARA is an international network of people from all walks of life who are dedicated to eliminating racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination from their communities. ARA got its start in Minneapolis in 1987; since then, we've expanded into dozens of communities in five countries and three continents, making us one of the world's largest and most extensive anti-racist youth movements.
  • All vouched-for chapters agree on the ARA Network's four Points Of Unity, but can decide on what actions they will take in their communities.
What does ARA do?

ARA's work generally falls into four broad categories:
  1. We Educate:
    • by doing serious and credible research on hate groups and issues involving racism and other forms of discrimination.
    • by sharing information with allied anti-racists in dozens of organizations worldwide.
    • by using this research to write and publish dozens of pamphlets, dossiers, articles, magazines, web pages, radio and television programs.
    • by distributing thousands of copies of all kinds of literature about racism and discrimination for free at schools, conferences, protests, concerts and parties.
    • by sending speakers to talk to hundreds of school groups, youth groups, church groups, community organizations and conferences all over the world.
  2. We Organize:
    • by acting as the primary contact for a new generation of anti-racist activists.
    • by mobilizing youth to combat racism and discrimination, Anti-Racist Action has become a key vehicle for young anti-racists to get involved in and help shape the direction of this struggle, more than any other movement or organization.
    • by initiating or supporting nearly every major anti-racist demonstration in North America in the last five years.
    • by hosting some of the most diverse, well-attended, constructive and practical anti-racist conferences, trainings and gatherings the anti-racist movement has ever seen.
    • by recognizing that racism is a multi-faceted issue entwined with a number of other problems our society faces and then using that knowledge to connect with literally hundreds of different groups and individuals from all walks of life.
    • by strengthening our understanding and resolve and improving our communities through work on issues related to racism, such as poverty, homophobia, prisons, police abuse, workers' struggles, sexism, & reproductive rights.
    • by defending other anti-racists and anti-fascists across the globe. For example, the ARA Anti-Racist Defense Fund has contributed over two thousand dollars to anti-racists in eight countries who were in trouble and needed our help. ARA Network chapters donate 10% of all money they raise, plus a biannual contribution of $25 per chapter or $10 per member (whichever is greater) to the Defense Fund. We also accept private donations to the Defense Fund. Click here for more information on the Defense Fund or to make a donation.
  3. We Confront:
    • by refusing to ignore the terrorists and thugs that comprise racist and fascist groups..
    • by publicly challenging hate groups when they attempt to recruit, organize, mobilize, propagandize and cause harm to people.
    • by using innovative, creative and highly-effective tactics that directly involve entire communities.
    • by denying hate groups the opportunity to monopolize public spaces and by denying hate groups the chance to turn public spaces into danger zones for people of color, women, immigrants, gays and lesbians, the disabled and others.
  4. We Celebrate:
    • through our commitment to developing a fun, authentic anti-racist youth culture.
    • by hosting parties, concerts and other events that encourage participation of people of diverse backgrounds in having fun in a safe and liberated environment.
    • by organizing regular weekend gatherings for young anti-racists to come to know and support each other.

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