Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tomball Today

Today the crypto-fascists were at Tomball but so were we. It was less intense than last week- this week the pigs were recording everything. Good things and bad things on that, under the pretense of "protecting" us and checking out the teabaggers M.O. they are also studying us. Once again they are playing the dry branch card (a dry branch hangs low pretending to give us shade---dry  branches break easily!!!). PWOC folks talked to Tomballs head pig complaiing about Barney and how the police reacted to their calls. Another good thing about this is that the city is now wasting money having to baby-sit us, so hopefully they put more pressure on the teapartiers so they just fuckoff.

From early on the crowd was different than it was last week: there were fewer women and fewer kids. One guy even brought his pitbull. This week the conservatives tried a different tactic, they were getting people to sign a petition (for i dont know what) and not scaring people away. Steve Potvin, from Borderwatch, was walking around the parking lot talking to people and talking to the group of people doing a car wash.
This of course was what was planned. Two biker guys rolled up and immediately started trying to intimidate people. One called a Chicano a "nigger" and the other was pretending to shoot people in their head. This other guy, whose affiliation we do not know yet, was being really aggressive and seemed to hang out most with the bikers and Barney (Tony Moony) and this other man who has been known to be very violent and aggressive towards our folks.
Their usual pishposh continued for the resting hours.

Now for us.
We did things differently as well. Chants were not as prominent. The microphone was passed around waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than last time. There were about 5 speakers today, 3 of them doing the usual "youre stupid" or "youre racist" and repeating it over and over, 1 of them talked about the history of tx but added some classist rhetoric, and the last was tying things together in a more politically radical way. The last person talked about autonomy, self-determination, racism, history, and classism. That person had people in our side nodding and agreeing with them so they took the liberty to keep going in order to not get back to the usual "racists go home!" bullshit.
We had a couple of people who are from tomball stop by and ask us whats up and staying there and also the car wash folks  were asked to wash the bikes of the idiots and they said no, same for a big-ass pick up truck that was just leaving the conservatives side.

The actual people rallying with the t-partiers were actually not being very entertaining but the drivers by picked up the slack and we got quite a couple "go back to mexico" or "illegal aliens".

Oh! and odd fact, this lady kept yelling at us "I'm not racist! I'm not racist! Youre just a wetback!" that same lady also said "I don't care if youre black, brown, or a chink-o".

Please folks, we will be there every Saturday morning there. come out and support if you can, a couple of community folks are definitely interested in going out there as a weekly event.


  1. I was the speaker who was talking about Texas.

    What was my classist rhetoric?

  2. Of course you conviently ignore there are more racists on the pro-illegal alien side than the anti-illegal alien side. One racist group of millions is La Raza Cosmica, "The (superior) Cosmic Race". Then you have million more Mecha "the Bronze race, everything for the Bronze race, nothing for those not the Bronze race". Then millions more Brown Pride, Brown Beret, Voz de Aztlan, and Mexica Movement members.

    But only your side supports the destruction of the USA, our Constitution, freedoms, prosperity, and welfare. You are the seditious traitors.